Definitive Guide

The Definitive Guide to Lightweight GIS

5 Reasons Why Every Organization with GIS Needs GIS-Lite

GIS professionals create amazingly detailed, highly accurate, cartographic-quality maps and documents that can be visualized and analyzed in any number of ways. From modeling complex problems, performing “what-if” scenarios or identifying hidden patterns, these assets answer questions in ways not possible without GIS. 

Problem is, it’s simply not practical to purchase and maintain GIS software for every employee or train every end user to use it effectively.

The Definitive Guide to Lightweight GIS explains the 5 reasons why every organization with GIS needs GIS-Lite:

  • GIS for the Masses
  • The ROI of GIS-Lite
  • Self-Service Location Intelligence
  • Why All PDF Maps Are Not Created Equal
  • The Power of Open

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