On-Demand Webinar

Deliver GIS-Lite from ArcMap with TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS

Recorded on: April 14, 2015

Learn how to deliver GIS-Lite capabilities inside documents to your clients, customers, and the people who consume your work done with ArcMap using TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS.

Rather than serve paper, static images, or rote documents, you can create documents which are rich, interactive GIS-Lite applications at the push of a button. Learn how TerraGo Publisher works with its client application TerraGo Toolbar to enable a unique capability to share information and collaborate with the widest possible audience.

In this webinar, you will learn about how TerraGo Toolbar provides GIS-Lite capabilities such as:

  • Geospatial markup and sharing
  • Coordinate display and location
  • Feature attribute inspection
  • Measurement
  • Sharing data with OGC GeoPackage and how to prepare GeoPDF documents with TerraGo Publisher which enable these workflows.

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