On-Demand Webinar

Take Trimble GNSS to the Cloud with TerraGo Edge

Recorded on:
December 13, 2016

TerraGo Edge now includes the Trimble GNSS Direct SDK enabling professional-grade positioning with the consumer ease of use and cloud-based collaboration for all types of field data collection, engineering, asset inspections and GIS projects that require the highest levels of accuracy and performance.  

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about this recent developer partnership and how to:  

  • Pair a Trimble R10, R8, R2 or R1 with TerraGo Edge for GNSS performance from iOS and Android devices;
  • Customize mobile forms, maps and even cloud-based mobile apps for your business workflows;
  • Collect field data and synchronize across enterprise in real-time.

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